Student Union

College conducts student union election conducts by college in every year; it is an important body of college student who plays a positive role to short out the college and students problems. Student union election is conducted as per Lingdoh’s guidelines.

Modes of Elections: Students elect their representatives by casting their votes

Eligibility Criteria for Candidates

  • Under graduate students between the ages of 18 and 22 shall be eligible to contest elections. For Post Graduate Students the maximum age limit to contest election shall be between the ages of 18-24 years.
  • The candidate shall in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the election.
  • The candidate shall have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the university or 75% attendance, whichever is higher.
  • The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record, that is to say he/she shall not have been tried and/or convicted of any criminal offence or demeanour.
  • The candidate shall be a regular, full time student of the College. That is to say that all eligible candidates shall be enrolled in a full time course.
  • No candidate shall be permitted to make use of printed posters; printed pamphlets or any other printed material for the purpose of canvassing, candidates may only utilize hand-made posters for the purpose of canvassing, provided that such hand-made posters are procured within the expenditure limit.

Student union-2022-2023

1. Ayush Negi B.A. II Year President
2. Ayush raj B.A. II Year Vice-president
3. Ritik B.A. II Year Secretary
4. Amisha B.A. III Year Treasurer
5. Arman Kathait B.A. III Year University Representative
6. Ayushi B.Com.I SEM Executive member
7. Sadhana B.A. I  SEM Executive member
8. Sakshi B.Com. SEM Executive member