In any institute library plays key role to enhance the knowledge. The college has big library for helping the students in their studies. The students regularly visit college library for reading and issuing their course books. Besides, their course study, students also read magazines, newspapers and journals at the reading room of college library to update their knowledge. The college library contains magazines, journals and over 26500 books pertaining to all the three disciplines viz. Arts, Science and commerce. The books in library belong to all the three disciplines viz. Arts, Science and commerce. The computer and internet facility is also available at the college library for student support.

Code of conduct at library:

  • Proper silence has to be maintained at the library.
  • Books will be issued only after the admission of student.
  • The students are expected to keep the library neat and clean.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • The no-dues certificate will be issued to the students only when they return back their issued books.
  • It is mandatory to return the books prior to the initiation of examinations and therefore, students are expected to prepare their own notes from examination point of view.
  • Students are advised not to put any mark on the pages of books and keep them safe.
  • If the book is not returned back to library, the student will have to deposit current price of the book at library.

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