Detail Information of NSS Activities

Total Enrolment Certificate
(No. of Students)
No. of Camp organized
M F B C One Day Seven Day
2017-18 123 258 71 03 05 01
2018-19 93 239 - - 05 0
2019-20 65 267 - - 05 0
2020-21 52 248 - - 05 01
2021-22 48 252 - - 05 01

Note :
1. No examination has been conducted by the Sri dev Suman University from the year 2018-19 till date.
2. Due to Non-availability of budget in 2018-19, the seven day camp was not organized.
3. Camp could not be organized in the year 2019-20 due to Lockdown.

Year 2017-18

Seven Day Camp :–
Dt. 12/03/2018 – Programs under Swachh Bharat, Beti Bachao Beti padhao and Environment conservation.
Dt. 13/03/2018 – Yoga, Road cleaning and repairing work, Speech Competition and Cultural Program.
Dt. 14/03/2018 – Yoga, Public Awareness Program, Competition on ‘migration to Uttarakhand and measures to prevent it’, Cultural Activities.
Dt. 15/03/2018 – Yoga, Cleanliness Campaign in school playground, Discussion on the Topic of ‘Environmental pollution and its management’, Cultural Program.
Dt. 16/03/2018 – Yoga and Exercise, Cutting of bushes and repair of drain in the Temple, Public Awareness through cleanliness environment and tree plantation rally, Discussion on the topic of ‘Evils Prevalent in Indian Society and their Solution’, jansampark and Cultural Program.
Dt. 17/03/2018 – Exercise and yoga, School campus cleaning, Intellectual session on the topic of ‘National Integration’ and Cultural activities.
Dt. 18/03/2018 – Yoga, Roadside weed removal, Rural road repair, Intellectual session on the topic of ‘Blood Donation and Redressal of Diseases caused by Contaminated Blood’ and Cultural program.
One Day Camp :-
24/09/2017 – NSS Day
02/10/2017 – Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
09/11/2017 – State Foundation Day
01/12/2017 – World AIDS Day
09/03/2018 – One Day Camp

Year 2018-19

One Day Camp :-
Dt. 11/08/2018 –  One day camp
Dt. 24/09/2018 – NSS Day
Dt. 02/10/2018 – Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
Dt. 09/11/2018 – State Foundation Day
Dt. 01/12/2018 - World AIDS Day

Year 2019-20

One Day Camp :-
NSS Day dt.24/09/2019 – Swachhta Abhiyan, Public Awareness Rally.
State Foundation Day dt.09/11/2019 – Ban on single use plastic, Street play, Rally.
Children Day dt.14/11/2019 – Fit India Movement, Public Awareness Rally, HIV prevention Information, prevention of Infection Diseases, Water conservation and Sanitation.
World Aids Day dt.01/12/2019 – Public Awareness Rally
One Day Camp Dt.04/01/2020 – Clean India, Green India and fit India – Importance of cultivation of medicinal plants, cleaning of water sources.

Year 2020-21

7 Day Camp :-
Dt.13/03/2021 – Drug free Oath, Information about various programs of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, Information about the Outline of the Seven Day camp.
Dt. 14/03/2021 – Yoga, Construction of stairs by laying stone in School, Polythene collection, Information about Covid-19 safety protocols, Awareness Program of Drug Free Uttarakhand Cultured Uttarakhand, Cultural Program.
Dt. 15/03/2021 – Yoga, farm work, Polythene and garbage disposal, Intellectual session on the topic of ‘Environmenal protection’, Awareness towards utility of helmet and general rule of road safety, Cultural program.
Dt. 16/03/2021 – Clean Ganga Oath, ‘Aazadi ka amrit mahotsav’ vichar gosthi, Information about water conservation, Flower garden in school.
Dt. 17/03/2021 – Intellectual session on the subject of Cleanliness and protection of natural water sources, Raini disaster’s garbage scattered on the river bank was cleaned, Flower gardening.
Dt. 18/03/2021 – Ganga cleanliness and Covid-19 public awareness rally under Namami Gange Campaign, Distribution of Albendazole and Iron tablets in village, Awareness about sanitary pads and hygiene during menstruation to adolescent girls, Cultural Programs.
Dt. 19/03/2021 – Complete Construction of flower garden, Covid-19 Awareness Program, Contribution of masks to the Mask bank , Intellectual session, Cultural program.
One Day Camp :-
World Aids Day dt.01/12/2020 – Online Quiz, Poster, Speech, Slogan, Cleaning of water Sources, Public Awareness Rally.
Sparsh Ganga Divas dt.17/12/2020 – Sanitization, water conservation, Street Show, Public awareness program under ‘Sparsh Ganga Abhiyan’.
National Youth Day dt.12/01/2021 – Essay Competition, Online Quiz, Awareness programme on harmness of smoking, Swachhata Abhiyan, Awareness programme on Water Conservation, awareness programme on adherence of Covid-19 rules.
One Day Camp dt.24/01/2021 – De-addiction programme, helmet awareness programme.
National Voter Day dt.25/01/2021 – Importance of vote and election process under democracy, Awareness about  mask.

Year 2021-22

7 Day Camp:-
Dt. 21/03/2022 – Ganga Cleanliness Pledge, Signature Campaign, Yoga, Swachhata Abhiyan, Plantation, Intellectual Session on the topic of ‘Female Foeticide’, Cultural Program.
Dt. 22/03/2022 – Awareness about Covid-19 vaccine to Villagers, Awareness towards utility of helmet and general rule of road safety, Cleanliness of natural water sources by displaying the ‘Catch the Rain’ Slogan, Cultural program.
Dt. 23/03/2022 -  Swachhata Abhiyan, Distribution of Iron tablet, Distribution of masks given by Hans Foundation, Digging for planting medicinal plants, Plant fence, Environmental Protection Awareness.
Dt. 24/03/2022 – Under the Sparsh Ganga and Namami Gange campaign single use plastic cleaning from water sources and roads, Cooperation in Voter ID campaign, cultural activites.
Dt. 25/03/2022 – Yoga, Discussion on Namami Gange, Voter Awareness, Road Safety, Beti bachao beti padhao, Aids Awareness and water conservation issues, Interactive seminar on water conservation, Rally for awareness of namami gange, road safety and covid vaccination, Cleaning of ghats on the banks of sangam, cultural activities.
Dt. 26/03/2022 – Yoga and Pranayam, Village stairs cleaning, Public awareness program on drug free uttarakhand, water conservation and female feticide issues, Intellectual session on the topic of ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’, Information on conservation of traditional herbs, Cultural Program.
Dt. 27/03/2022 – Exercise and Yoga, School cleaning,  Rally for awareness of road safety, Appealed to the villagers to stay away from drugs, Collected the single plastic waste in eco-friendly bag and deposited it in the municipal vehicle, Intellectual session on the topic of ‘Migration problem and solution’, Cultural Program.
One Day Camp :-
NSS Day dt.24/09/21 – Poster competition, essay competition, swachhata abhiyan, plantation.
Gandhi jayanti & Lal bahadur shastri jayanti dt.02/10/2021 – Cleaning of college, Speech Poster, essay and devotional songs Competition, public awareness rally on covid-19 and importance of hygiene.
National Unity Day dt.30/10/21 – Oath and run for unity, Voter Awareness Rally
State Foundation Day dt.09/11/2021 – Cultural Programmes, swachhata abhiyan, plantation, Public Awareness rally, Awareness programme on conservation of cultural heritage.
World Aids Day dt.01/12/2021 - Public Awareness program, formation of Red Ribbon club, blood donation.