Dr. Shivanand Nautiyal Government Post graduate College was established in 1979 with an aim to cater the need of students of remote and surrounding area. Physical activity refers to any body movement that burns calories, whether it’s for work or play, going to the gym, daily chores, or the daily commute. Exercise a subcategory of physical activity, refers to planned, structured, and repetitive activities aimed at improving physical fitness and health. Exercise is a bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness Insufficient physical activity is the number one most common health issue in the world. Staying physically active can help prevent or delay certain diseases including some cancer and diabetes and can also relieve depression and improve mood Sports activity is a necessary part of life. Being a hilly area of the state people are physically fit. But sports activities give them to exposure at national and international level. There no faculty in sport, it is manage by a college faculty. 
Detail information of sports activities

Year Name of activity Date No. of events No. of participants Champion
2017-18 Annual Sports 11-12 April- 2018 20 218 Hemant Singh and Sweta Rawat
2018-19 Annual Sports 15-16 March2019 20 310 Rahul Kumar and Neha
2019-20 Annual Sports 2-8 Nov. 2020 20 410 Sushil sati and Jyoti
2020-21 Annual Sports Due Covid-19 no activities have been carried out
2021-22 Annual Sports 9-10 Dec.2022 20 665 Vedant Takuli and Manisha



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