For Faculty

Code of Conduct for Teaching Staff 

  • First and foremost, teaching being a noble profession, it is expected of the teacher to uphold the honor and dignity of the Profession.
  •  Being a government servant they are advised to abide by the 'Government Rules and Policies'. (Uttarakhand Service Rules)
  • They are expected to provide quality education.
  • Always be impartial, friendly, help, guide, encourage and assist the students and enact as good Counselors and facilitator.
  • A teacher must be devoted and honest towards his/her duty exhibiting utmost   loyalty and sincerity towards the best interests of the College.
  • They are expected to be punctual about their scheduled working hours, must be    present at the place of work performing their duties especially related to students mentoring.

Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching Staff

  • Must report to duty on time and remain present during college hours.
  • Follow strictly the rules and regulation laid down under' Uttarakhand Service Rules'.
  • Exercise self-discipline, honesty and integrity.
  • Take utmost care and maintain secrecy pertaining to official documents and must not divulge,   alter or forge them.
  • Must take prior permission before availing any leave.
  • Must respect and maintain hierarchy in administration.
  • They have to perform their duties as per given instruction from the head of institution.

For Students

Code of conduct for students:

  • The students are advised to maintain the discipline in the college campus.
  • The students are expected to come to college sharp 10:00AM and join the classes regularly.
  • The student can’t enter inside the college campus without identity card.
  • Entry of students from other places without permission is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • No student is allowed to use tobacco and alcohol in the college campus.
  • No student can leave the college campus during the class hours until he or she has got permission from the principal or teacher.
  • It is expected that students must participate in all activies or programmes.
  •  Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited during class hours.
  • Students are advised maximum use of library to enhance their knowledge.
  • Ragging in the college campus is strictly prohibited, if it happens action will be taken against those who are carried out such activities.
  • It is first priority to keep the campus neat and clean, use dustbin in the campus.



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