LIBRARY : The college  has Library with a sufficient number of Reference Books, Text Books for U.G. and P.G. level and Books related to Book Bank . The Library is operated with older cataloguing system but a proposal for automation of Library is being submitted to the Uttarakhand Government.Library is equipped with a Reading room having newspapers and magazines helpful in competitive examinations.

N.S.S: NSS is currently having three units in the college with the capacity of 100 volunteers in each unit under the guidance of Program Officer. These Units are engaged in regular as well as special camp in and around the College.

N.C.C: NCC is having 1 unit of 50 cadets in the college for both boys and girls.

Sports: The College provides good sports faculties to the students. The teams are formed to represent the college in University sports under the guidance of sport incharge.

Rovers & Rangers: Students are enrolled as Rovers & Rangers in the college. The college volunteers are given training of leadership for the service of country and mankind.

Career Counseling: Career counseling and placement cell is established in the college. The cell is continuously working for the betterment of the students.

Right to information cell: 1st appellant officer:

Public Information Officer:

Parents Teacher Association: Every year, PTA has been constituted to work for the overall development of the college. All parents are requested to spare their valuable time for meeting of PTA.

Smoking free zone cell: College is a no smoking zone. Smoking is prohibited within 10 meters of all entrance to the college.

Alumni Association: An alumni association of old students is constituted in the college to contribute in the developmental activities of their matter.

Reading Room: A common reading room exists in the college for both boys and girls. Newspaper and magazine in Hindi and English are subscribed in the reading room.

Anti Ragging Cell: Ragging is a crime which destroys the physical and emotional confidence and it led to increase in suicide activities. According to the UGC regulations 2009 and Hon’ble Supreme Court, Ragging has been banned in the college campus and outside the campus.

College Magazine: The college magazine is a regular feature. This magazine is published annually. This is the medium for the expression and cultivation of creative writing among the students.

Grievances & Redressal Cell: College has a grievance redressal cell which is under control of chief proctor. Its function is to develop a fearless environment in the campus. The member of the cell check identity cards of students time to time to stop the entry of unwanted elements in the college. There is a complaint box in the administrative block; Students can drop their complaints in them.

Uttarakhand Open University Center: A study center of Uttarakhand Open University is operational in the college since 2009. Various professional and educational courses are being run at the center through distance education mode.

SC & ST rights protection cell: A cell for SC & ST students is established in the college to implement the reservation policy for SC & ST students. It also undertakes the activities to develop awareness among the SC/ST students, especially from the rural areas. The cell members are actively engaged in coordinating and solving the problems.

Scholarships (SC & ST, Poor Students): A Limited number of students who cannot persue their studies due to financial constraints are provided assistance from the college students fund provided they don’t have received assistance from any other sources.

Student Union: After the admission, college students union is formed to ensure the participation of students in quality improvements and decision making. The student union members are elected on the direct election basis as per the recommendation made by Lingdoh committee.